Sunday, 16 March 2014

February Favourites!

So I know it's not technically February anymore, but I just thought I would make a post about some of my favourite things from that month, which is something I'll hopefully be doing for every month - providing I remember to actually do it...

Let's get started!

1. Mandara Spa Honeymilk Dream Bathmilk

I originally received a bottle of this for my Christmas and I'd never heard of it before but I've absolutely fallen in love with it. It smells so amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft. You can pick this up for under £10 from Sainsburys and I highly recommend that you do, I've already gone through an entire bottle of this stuff, I love it.

2. Netflix

I have just recently discovered Netflix. Now I know you're all thinking "You've only just discovered it? Where have you been?" Well I'd obviously heard about it and known about it, but I never really fancied paying £5.99 a month for tv. But I decided to go for it and got a free trial for a month to see what it was all about and now I'm hooked. Although it doesn't have EVERYTHING I could ever possibly want to watch, it does have a huge variety and sometimes it's difficult to actually pick something to watch.

I have to say though, the amount of programmes I find myself watching about serial killers/murderers/kidnappings is getting kind of worrying. What shows do you watch the most? Are they as concerning as mine?

3. Blackfish

Leading on from Netflix, is a documentary called Blackfish which I found through Netflix. This documentary is incredibly eye opening in the way it shows the kind of things that go on behind the scenes of SeaWorld and other similar parks. It's quite frankly made me never want to go to SeaWorld because of the way Blackfish exposes the way it treats its Orcas, it's pretty awful to be honest. It's definitely worth a watch.

4. We The Kings - Somewhere Somehow

This album has been one of my favourites for the past month or so. I really love We The Kings and this album is so great, it's usually the main thing I'm listening to when I'm commuting to and from work everyday, it makes the train journeys just that little bit more bearable. My favourites are See You In My Dreams, Queen Of Hearts, and I Feel Alive.

5. Pugs

Pugs are pretty much my favourites things all the time, but I've especially been loving them this past month. I just think they are so adorable and funny and there's nothing more I want than a pug. The number of pictures I have of pugs on my phone is getting out of hand but I don't even care, they just make me so happy. I need one or five in my live ASAP.


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