Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Magnitone Lucid Review! ♥

Several months ago, my skin was looking the worst it had ever been. So many spots suddenly appeared from nowhere and my face was covered. Normally I'm the kind of person who gets maybe one or two big spots a month so I really didn't know what to do, anything I used to try to get rid of them just made them angry. Then I got my Magnitone.

Early last year I remember hearing of Magnitone for the first time and I thought the brushes looked so pretty. I read a good few reviews about them and I decided that I needed one, so just before Christmas, I bought one as an early present to me, from me.

The Magintone Lucid comes in a variety of different colours and I obviously chose the pink one. It's a daily cleansing and exfoliating brush that gives you deep-pore cleansing and a gentle exfoliation. It has two modes: deep clean and sensitive, and has 10,000 pulsed oscilations per minute which is gentler and more effective than hand washing. Basically once you switch it on, there's a 20 second zonal timer that will beep to tell you when to move onto the next section (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin etc). 

First I wash my face normally with my ProActive cleansing soap and then I use my Simple Moisturising Facial Wash with my Magnitone. I start with my forehead and then move onto my cheeks, and then do my nose and chin last. Then I rinse and apply my usual moisturisers and all that jazz.

I can honestly say that after using this for the past few weeks, my skin has cleared up amazingly well. I mean, obviously not all my spots have disappeared completely, but most of them are either gone or noticeably smaller. My skin just feels so much better and smoother, it looks brighter too, and I've noticed that my makeup has been going on a lot nicer.

If you suffer from annoying spots or if you just want to treat your skin, definitely try out a Magnitone Lucid. It's not the cheapest at £69.99, but let me tell you, it's definitely worth the money. I love mine!

Have you got a Magnitone? Are you thinking of getting one?
Let me know!


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