Sunday, 8 March 2015

My First Tattoo!! ☽

So earlier on today I read EarthToRee's blog post about getting her first tattoo and it's inspired me to blog about my own tattoo experience.

I've wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember, but I'm the biggest wuss and I've always been afraid that it would hurt so bad. I also had visions of the tattoo gun touching my skin for the first time and me flinching, resulting in me having a massive line for all eternity... which thankfully didn't happen!

It was kind of a sudden decision to get my tattoo, I think I decided on what I wanted on the Thursday night, and then went to get it done after work on the Friday. I didn't really give myself time to get properly nervous, which I think is a good thing. I decided to get a little crescent moon tattooed on my wrist for a few reasons; it's pretty small so I didn't think it would be too painful, I love space and everything related to it, and also Marzia (CutiePieMarzia) has the same tattoo and I just think it looked adorable.

So I finished work on Friday and walked straight up to the tattoo studio, which was Edinburgh Ink, and I went in just to see if I could make an appointment to get tattooed. It turned out that they were free to do it right there and then! The tattoo artist, Gemma, printed out a little picture of a crescent moon and then took me back to get it done. As soon as I sat down in the chair I started to get really nervous, but Gemma was so lovely and made me feel really relaxed as she got everything ready.

It honestly didn't hurt at all. It felt like she was drawing on me really hard with a pen. I'm probably only saying that because I literally got the tiniest baby tattoo, but either way it didn't hurt. Is it weird to say that I actually kind of liked the pain? Yep, that's weird.

And here it is! It's still got some extra ink around it that I'm too scared to rub off in case I wreck the actual tattoo, but I'm absolutely in love with it, its exactly what I wanted. I'm already planning my next tattoo, I can see how people get addicted to them!

Have you guys got any tattoos? If you do, what are they and did they hurt?
Let me know!


Thursday, 5 March 2015

The cutest phone case! | Sighh Designs ♥

Hi everyone! Today I'm writing a little post about my favourite phone case at the moment; the 'Fruities' case by Polly Vadasz (Sighh Designs). It's completely adorable and I'm obsessed with it. 

I've been following Polly for a while (that sounds really creepy, sorry!) and have been obsessed with all of her designs, they're beautiful. So when I got paid last month the first thing I did was order one of her phone cases. It took me a while to decide which one to get because there are so many lovely designs, but I finally decided on the Fruities case. I love it.

Have I said how much I love it yet? Because I do! 

Polly has so many other beautiful designs and products, such as makeup mirrors, notebooks, Macbook skins and mugs, all of which are hand designed. Here are a few of my other favourite phone cases:

I definitely want all of them!

There's not much else I can say other than how much I love Sighh Designs. Definitely check out Polly's designs at and follow her at:



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