Monday, 7 December 2015

My Favourite Christmas Movies - Blogmas Day Seven!

Everyone loves a good Christmas movie, right? Well so do I! I'm quite picky when it comes to movies in general, and especially Christmas movies. I'm not a big fan of The Santa Claus films or Love Actually or anything like that, in fact all of these Christmas movies are actually from when I was younger and they give me really nice memories whenever I watch them. So here are my top four Christmas movies!

1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
I actually prefer this to the first Home Alone, I don't know why! I think maybe because it's set in New York which is probably one of my favourite places ever. I just remember finding this movie really funny, and it's one of those movies that I could watch again and again and still laugh. Also the ending is just so lovely and makes my heart feel good.

2. The Grinch
I remember going to see this in the cinema when it first came out. I used to want to be Cindy Lou Who and I had little pink gloves just likes she did! I just think this movie is so funny and cute and it has a really lovely message in it. 

3. Elf
This movie just symbolises Christmas for me. If this movie hasn't been on tv yet, then it's not Christmas! Every time I watch it it always makes me laugh at just how silly it is. Zooey Deschanel is a babe and Will Ferrel is amazing in it.

4. The Father Christmas
An old classic now with The Father Christmas movie from 1991! I absolutely love this movie, well... I don't know if it's classed as a proper 'movie' but anyway, I used to watch it all the time when I was younger and I just think it's so cute and it just gives me really nice memories whenever I watch it.

So those are my favourite Christmas movies, what are yours? 
Let me know!



  1. Home Alone 2 is my favourite as well! It's definitely because it's set in New York! I love seeing all the famous sights decorated and magical looking :-) x

  2. I remember being so afraid of the Grinch when I was little! Now it's definitely one of my faves too :)x

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